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Douglas fir cill profile

Cill repairs

As part of our Sash and case window renovation service we also offer a cill repair service.


  • Unlike other companies practice,Sash and Case Scotland will match the original profile of your cill and manufacture a complete copy when replacing a degraded cill.
  • We undertake alot of these types of repair and are increasingly repairing cills that are less that ten years old. This is due to previous repairs been undertaken in Red-Pine which is classed as a non durable timber.
  • Some companies only cut the front half of the cill off and replace that, Sash and Case Scotland removes the complete cill and pulley styles (to half way up the pocket) and replaces them with new durable classed timbers, DPC and sand mastic.
  • Sash and CAse Scotland's cills are manufactured from Douglas fir which is classed as a durable timber. We can also offer replacement cills in Iroko as well which is classed as highly durable.


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